13 March 2023

thrifted book haul & other finds


hello dolls, dears, & teddy bears ♡

i was able to get quite a lot of wonderful thrift finds 
throughout the past couple weeks and wanted to share what 
i had collected ྀི꒰っ´༥`ς꒱

first, i actually had my first book haul of the year!
it's been years that i've been able to get soso many books 
around the same time, but these are ones i've desired 
for a pretty long while now.. 

Inkworld Trilogy
the Inkworld Trilogy was amongst the very top of my 
favourite books back between late elementry and through middle school
these books influenced me so much as a child, and i 
reallyreally wanted to get them years ago but the cost was too 
much for my parents who couldn't justify spending extra money 
on a book series which i already read by borrowing from the library 
which i understood, as heartbreaking as it was.. 

but, recently after recieving money from my mom as a gift i chose to finally 
find and order myself used copies of the series because 
i literally had a dream about the story and knew- 
its time. i need to finally fulfill the wish of 12 year old me 
and also reread this series! 

though, admittedly, i am just a little worried about how my perception 
of the story will change now that i am an adult.. 
but, that's a part of growing up isn't it?
꒰ ៸៸ ◞ ˕ ◟ ៸៸ ꒱

remember how in my last post i brought up about rereading Dracula 
through Dracula Daily last year? well.... 
i decided it was about time I get the actual novel for my collection too
considering it's one of my favourite pieces of gothic literature
i've actually been searching for a used copy for the past 3 years honestly, 
but just now found one with a cover that i actually liked.. 

gifts from grandma
these next "thrifted finds" actually were given to me free from my 
grandma who had recieved them from a neighbor friend of hers who 
was moving out ꒰ྀི ๑ ´ ˘ ` ू ꒱ྀི

the pretty lady in white is a candle holder (i think), 
and am really eager to have something like her in my collection~ 

next is the Victorian Flowers & Fairies Photo Album which is 
really beautiful, i just have to figure out what pictures to 
include on the inside..

then there is the Kodacolor Puzzle that features an antique bisque doll 
which i can't wait to put together
it's been a very long time i did puzzles, i never did one this size before..

my thriftstore finds
finally, here are my lucky finds from the thriftstore i brought back 
with me this time- how cute are these figurines? ꒰ྀི ฅ́˘ฅ̀ ྀི꒱

if youre hoping to find them for your own collection the one to 
the left is:
1994 United Designs 

and the one to the right is:
"Live Innocently, God is Here." - Linnaeus
The Celebration Series, No. 7

there was also a pretty praying porcelain doll i 
was so close to bringing with me too but, 
ultimately left her behind because she was unable 
to support herself and i don't have any more doll stands 
(plus i really want to save my money for a game anyways)

well, before this ends up incredibly long, 
will cut it here before i ramble about various other things-
i'll save my updates on my schneekugel der rosen outline progress 
for the next one

thank you for visiting~
goodnight my dears and do take care,

28 February 2023

valentine's day


hello dolls, dears, & teddy bears ♡

happy (belated) valentine's day ꒰ྀི ๑ ´ ˘ ` ू ꒱ྀི
once again since i was recovering by a sudden case of 
feeling unwell again, this got unfortunately delayed as i focused on 
recovering again. but am starting to feel better so hopefully will 
be well enough to continue updating more frequently again ♡
i guess ill just have to see how things go..

before i began feeling ill again i made this cute valentine's scrapbook 
spread in my sketchbook using a couple of the vintage valentines 
i recieved from my grandma~
i think it turned out really cute..

"to you my beloved friend, with our hearts bound as one, 
even when were far apart, were still so near each other"

and on the topic of vintage valentines, here is all of the 
vintage cards i picked out that origianlly belonged to my grandma 
i am eager to use more of them in my scrapbooking and other crafts

looking through my grandma's old valentines day box really 
makes me want to make me customise my own one sometime, 
just to store cute trinkets in~ 
but i don't think i have space for that..

︶︶︶ ⊹ ︶︶︶⠀୨♡୧⠀︶︶︶ ⊹ ︶︶︶

continuing with the valentines day theme, 
although i already shared these on instragram wanted to 
finish showing off the precious candygrams i made on goatlings ♡

these were made for users fr0gpatr0l and Susie!

i realised that while working on these candygrams that they ended 
up way more like my traditional paint sketches compared to 
the current examples i was working on for commissions, 
so i actually will be redoing my sketch painting 
commissions examples sometime now that i 
improved my digital method.. ꒰ྀི ៸៸៸៸ ก꒱ྀི
but i dont feel too motivated to draw right now feeling unwell..

︶︶︶ ⊹ ︶︶︶⠀୨♡୧⠀︶︶︶ ⊹ ︶︶︶

finally, to end off this valentine's day post-
it's something not valentine's day related actually ꒰ྀིㅇㅁㅇ꒱ྀི
but am too eager about it to wait until another post
as its rather it's an exciting little announcement~

the outline process for my passion project 
"schneekugel der rosen" has  finally started!

although for awhile now i've had bits of pieces of lore 
scattered into various places over the past few years, 
it is now finally all coming together into one journal for the 
first time in a very long time- manymany years...
꒰ ៸៸ ◞ ˕ ◟ ៸៸ ꒱

i think, the last time this project had reached this stage 
was back in 2017 based on script binders i found in my closet 
while doing the extensive cleaning
and its certainly changed a lot since then- since at that 
time i still wanted it to be a graphic novel
but now, "schneekugel der rosen" is going to be an 
illustrated book project ♡

are you familiar with 
it's a publication of Edith Holden's 1906 diary observing the countryside
and i decided, that is similar in how wish for this project to be..
something like an art book, but with personal written 
accounts from the characters within the setting that elaborates 
on the world and events around them as they occur,
Dracula (as i was rereading through Dracula Daily last year) made me realise 
how much i love that way of developing a plot.. 

while i work on this outline, 
i don't expect to get too much illustrations made during this time 
as i am deeply in a writing mood at the moment. 
but i am certainly working on a couple wips am eager to 
share once the motivation returns to continue them ꒰ྀི ๑ ´ ˘ ` ू ꒱ྀི

until then, this is getting a little long and the time 
is now getting late, 
thank you for visiting~
goodnight my dears and take care,