art fight 2023

29 July 2023


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hello dolls, dears, & teddy bears ♡
with art fight only days from ending i thought that this year i'd make a
nice wrap-up post featuring all the attacks i've made this year,
as well as why i chose to attack that character
꒰ྀི ˶ห†꒳ห†˵ ꒱ྀི

i've been participating in art fight since 2021, 
but this is the first year i've made full, detailed illustrations as attacks 
(and very likely the only year i'll be doing so-) 
because i wanted to create commission samples to showcase 
since i'll be opening them soon and wanted to expand my portfolio 
as well as test the limits on how many fully painted illustrations 
i could make within a month deadline
it was a fun, yet exhaustive decision..

important: all illustrations featured below are not free to use!
these were made exclusively for the artist the character belongs to

Harper was the first attack which i had completed this year, 
digitally painted in my vintage greeting card style
though there were a couple characters i was considering to illustrate 
from this artist, i opted for Harper because he is a Cinnamoroll fan character,
which i love Cinnamoroll, one of my comfort series 
as well as being a generally nostalgic-vibe pastel character!
i don't often paint with pure pastels that aren't muted/earthy/dusty in recent years, 
so this was like visiting an old friend working with such soft, cheerful tones 
꒰ྀི เธ…́˘เธ…̀ ྀི꒱
because of the pastels and sweater i feel this kind of ended up 
with 80's greeting card vibes rather than the typical 40's look 
i go for, and i think that's exciting actually that i may 
be able to adapt this style as needed

Azalea was the second attack i had completed, also 
digitally painted in my vintage greeting card style and quite honestly, 
my top favourite attack i've made this year- i love painting autumn scenes 
more than i do painting the typical "spring" kind of scenes actually..
꒰ྀི ៸៸៸៸ เธ꒱ྀི
i had found Azalea while searching through the tags and after 
reading the little details given of their background story, world, 
and pinterest board i just knew i wanted to make a painting of them
i had never made art of a scarecrow before so this was new to 
figure out how to work with my style, 
and what i learned is i absolutely want to paint more scarecrows
while making this attack i was already planning concepts for 
additional characters to add into my projects that were scarecrows hehe,,

Eve was the third attack i had completed, admittedly the 
most difficult as it it a digitally painted bust portrait in my main antique greeting card
inspired style- and also because of the blues, i do not do well with blues;;
as a result of these struggles the end didn't come out as i hoped but, 
at least it still looks nice even if not going as planned
꒰ ྀི◞͈ ˔ ◟͈ ྀི꒱
i had also found Eve while scrolling through the tags, and just was 
charmed by her character design and the given details on her story
i also love the butterfly motifs, as well as her love for the 
rococo dresses as i could draw something a little fancy 
if i had more time i would've loved to add more detailing to the frame

Doll was the fourth attack that i had completed this year, 
but it was actually the first artwork i had started on!
once again digitally painted in my main antique greeting card inspired style, 
this is, i honestly feel my best work of all the paintings this year just 
because it ended up very well within the time restraints i was under
painted the mirror, than having the mirror blinded by the sunlight 
was an extensive process of layering and layering 
Doll was the first character i had found through the tags i chose, 
and i found her concept really intriguing! a fairy that possessed a doll, 
and the cracks in the doll's face are repaired with glass-
i hadn't seen any doll characters like that before, so knew i wanted to 
make a composition that held fairy vibes and attention to glass 
i don't know if i got the mirror reflection too accurate but, 
i am still learning how reflections work,,

Dahlia for SoYi
and as for my final art fight attack of 2023, Dahlia the
gothic bunny doll also digitally painted in my antique greeting card influenced style
this was, an incredibly ambitious illustration to do within the time restraints,
but i knew i wanted to add a really detailed frame to one of the paintings and 
felt that the gothic piece would be the best for it
i think if i had more time this would've become my favourite piece, 
but it is still incredibly close
꒰ྀི เน‘ ´ ˘ ` ू ꒱ྀི
some weeks ago i had actually followed this artist because of one of their other 
characters i had found through tags, and later on when deciding a character to 
paint took note of the very gothic dolly bunny character- 
i have the softest spot for painting bunny characters, and the cute gothic design was 
such a bonus as it had been soso long i had done a gothic painting! 
honestly i wasn't entirely sure what kind of doll this bunny was designed around, 
(i didn't want to ask to not spoil the surprise)
but i am under the assumption of a bjd or porcelain kind which is how i 
opted to paint Dahlia, rather than the usual fluffy bunnies i often draw
it was fun to do something a little different
i really wish i could've expanded on this gothic manor scene!


so this finishes up the showcase of the attacks i had made this year, 
and i am absolutely never making all my attacks full illustrations ever again 
it was, an unnecessary amount of pressure i put myself under so 
an important lesson had been learned
꒰ྀི q u q ꒱ྀི

unfortunately i hadn't received any attacks to share this year, 
and as the fight ends in only several days i don't really expect to receive any 
at this point, which is fine- maybe a small bit disappointing but 
nothing to throw a fuss about and i have already accepted this and moved on,
after all i didn't really have a variety of characters posted this year, 
i didn't really interact much with other artists on site this year either as i 
was just focused on getting my attacks done

honestly, this year what i truly wanted more than anything was 
for the artists i had attacked to appreciate the effort i had placed into painting their characters, 
to see and acknowledge that love and attention i given to each piece- 
and each of them had! 
seeing them react with such joy has made me happy 

i've come to realise that recently, 
one of the things i wanted most, 
is just for my efforts to be acknowledged 
and i want to get better at acknowledging others too!

it has gotten very late, 
so before i ramble into a sappy paragraph just wanted 
to say goodnight my dears, 
i hope you visit again soon~